Monday, January 23, 2017

Trump’s MO

As an observer as to how Trump operates, this is what I see.

He’s more like a dictator in attitude and spirit.

He’s more interested in image and appearance than actual substance of truth and reality.  And so, he will exaggerate, speak in hyperbole, and outright lie in order to maintain a certain image, imposing upon his audience his particular tailor-made slant and perspective on reality—no matter how unreal it may actually be.  He will thus also retaliate and bully anyone who makes him look bad, even if the cause or source of making him look bad was of his own doing.  That is, he hates to be “called out” and shown to be wrong or in error.

He never says what he means or means what he says.  His constant off-the-cuff remarks leave people guessing, especially on delicate and fine nuanced issues.  He likes it that way.  He doesn’t like to be pinned down.

He denies and obfuscates anything he disagrees with, twists, bends, and shades the truth with innuendo, outright denial, boldfaced lying, and subtle redirection to make people question what was thought to be obvious and undeniably true.

He lies all the time, yet constantly calls everyone else liars when they speak truth that he dislikes and doesn’t want to hear or accept.

Thus, I believe that he is a dangerous man to be holding the highest office in the nation.

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  1. I agree he is "dangerous" especially if your a criminal illegal alien or member of Isis or a globalist. It's one of major reasons both sides elected him to office.