Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Getting the News

Reality checks, truth statements, assertions of falsehoods, bending, spinning, twisting, exaggerating, outright lying, and everything else in between, this is what the Free Press must discern, weed through, and then clarify in order to do its job with integrity.

Trump, I believe, will make the press work harder for its buck, but maybe that’s a good thing.

Whatever Trump says cannot and must not be taken at face value and must certainly not be taken for granted.  And whatever Trump actually does must be carefully examined from a larger perspective and from all angles: forward, backward, up and down, and inside and out, so as to adequately grasp the full implications and consequences of his actions.

In other words, enough of pundit’s opinions and opinings and second guessing!   The press must do its homework well.  It needs to move away from mere speculative commentary about what might be, might have been, or could be and move toward eagle-eyed description of what is; properly highlighting and outlining the intricate web of connections between cause and effect, between word, deed, action and reaction.  The press needs to show the direct links between words and actions and their consequences, connecting the actual results and effects of Trumps words and deeds and avoid merely speculating about them.

There is way too much speculation going on in the news these days.  We are being presented with way too much virtual reality as compared to actual reality—and it's not just Trump’s doing.

Furthermore, the press must go back to headlining real scope and depth to a story rather than merely repeating the shallow soundbite of a story.  For example: the press learns that Trump saves almost 1,000 jobs in Indiana at the Carrier company.  That’s the headline.  Yes, it’s catchy and impressive, but it’s shallow.  Yet it is what is repeated over and over.  Where’s the depth?  At what cost?  Is it a really good deal for the state; how do we know this?  In short, what about the details and the hard questions that shed greater light on a deal like this?  So, the Carrier Company is being given $7,000,000 in state tax breaks as part of the deal.  Well then, tell us, how is the state going to make up for this lost revenue?  What are the negative consequences, if any, to a deal like this—especially to the tax-payer?  That is, who is going to make up and pay-up for this $7,000,000 tax break?  In other words, I feel like I’m not hearing the full story!

I am tired of turning to these news channels that pits one side against the other: “I think this.”  “Well, I think that!”  “Well, I think that what you think is wrong.”  “Well I think that what you think is ignorant and wrong.”  Ugh!  Enough!!

I don’t care about the opinions of either side.  I want truth.  I want reality!  I want to see the big picture for myself, and from various angles, so that I can interpret the picture for myself.  Bring a reality check; show me what is there.  I want to hear about what IS.  I don’t want to hear about what might be, may be, could have been, or very well may have been, but for this and that.  I want to see the direct links between cause and effect.  Bring me the facts, state the truth; show me what’s real and actual!

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