Monday, February 6, 2017

Let’s Not Underestimate Trump

Trump has been called insecure, thin skinned, and ignorant.  This is a mistake.  For it underestimates his ability to make calculated maneuvers in his favor.

Trump is a shrewd propagandist.  He knows how to use and manipulate the Media.

This is why he twitters as much as he does, and why he is so ready to present his own “alternative facts” by “correcting” mainstream media’s presentation of “truth.”

It is not that he is insecure.  For, if he were truly an insecure person, he most likely would never have gotten as far as he has in both the business arena as well as in the political arena.

I say that Trump is very certain of himself (though foolishly so), and that he knows exactly what he is doing.  That is, his words and actions have nothing to do with personal insecurities.

We therefore can’t afford to underestimate him, as for example by dismissing his battle with the Media as a product of personal insecurities or self-imposed uninformed ignorance.

And that’s precisely the point: Trump is smarter than the Media pundits give him credit for.  And so, thus far, Trump is getting what he wants and the powers that be readily give him what he asks for precisely because they fear political reprisals from his base supporters; for his base supporters fully buy into Trumps depiction of Reality.

Perception is everything and Trump functions with that principle in mind.

So, NO, Trump is not a naïve simpleton, who is insecure and thin-skinned.

He is shrewd and manipulative.

Trump knows how to influence and control his supporters’ perception.  He defines their perspective, creates their vantage point, and draws their conclusions for them; that is to say that Trump’s depiction of “reality” is his supporters’ given reality.  The way Trump sees things is the way his followers see things.  It’s as simple as that. 

On that score, Trump is ahead of the game and is far out smarting mainstream Media’s attempt to “keep it real.”

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